Aerospace Wastewater Treatment


The Aerospace industry requires precision chemistry, which often yields obscure chemicals and processes that can inhibit the treatability of wastewater that is produced.  When removing hardness from water, ion exchange columns are used to recover unique ions such as gold, silver, and fluoride, producing highly acidic or caustic wastewater flows.  These processes often result in high concentrations of chelating agents that adversely affect the removal efficiencies of standard wastewater treatment formulations.

JNE Environmental is up to the challenge.  We have the required skills, expertise, and precision to design wastewater treatment systems to service the aerospace industry’s specific challenges. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

How We Can Help

Boiler Water Conditioning

  • Capital asset protection, increased energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance.

Complete Systems/Chemicals

  • Chromium Six reduction and cyanide destruction.

Cooling Tower Treatment

  • Corrosion, algae, and scale reduction prolongs equipment life and reduces downtime.

De-Foaming Products

  • Foam reduces process efficiency.
  • Anti-foaming products improve operating capacity and discharge water quality.

De-Ionizations System

  • Supply resin based ion specific de-ionization system for heavy metal recovery.

Heavy Metal Removal

  • Design and supply precipitation based heavy metal removal systems for DI regeneration flush water.
  • Engineered products and tailored formulations for the removal of heavy metals, such as cadmium, arsenic, chromium, copper, and tin.

Sludge Disposal Cost

  • Combining the right mix of coagulants and polymers can reduce solids disposal costs and maximize water effluent quality.

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