Automotive Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment


Increased demands are being placed on automotive wastewater treatment systems with the recent transition to aluminum parts and zirconium passivation systems, as well as the ongoing removal of pre-coat phosphorous, zinc, and fluoride.

Continued innovation in plant water usage has increased the concentration of pollutants in wastewater and often stresses the existing treatment formulations to their breaking points.

Though these circumstances may be new to the automotive industry, JNE Environmental has the existing formulations with millions of gallons of experience to help deal with any new wastewater treatment conditions.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

How We Can Help

Bacteria/Corrosion Protection

  • Flocculants and anti-corrosion products eliminate offensive odours and protect capital investment.

Boiler Water Conditioning

  • Capital asset protection, increased energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance.

Cooling Tower Treatment

  • Corrosion, algae, and scale reduction prolongs equipment life and reduces downtime.

De-Foaming Products

  • Improve production and reduce downtime through anti-foamers.

Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

  • Applications for DAF systems for clear coat, base coat, and primer water curtain recirculation system treatment.

Metal Cleaners

  • A complete line of quality cleaners to enhance painting efficiency and final finish.

Oily Wastewater

  • Emulsion breakers with greater efficiency reduce sludge and disposal costs.

Paint De-Tackification

  • Floating or sinking paint residues quickly assists with rapid water discharge for paint overspray.
  • High efficiency products reduce disposal costs.

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