Food and Beverage Wastewater Treatement

Food and Beverage

The wastewater produced by the food and beverage industry is as varied as our taste in food itself.  From abattoirs to performance supplement facilities, we have seen and treated most varieties of unique Food and Beverage industry wastewater.  High levels of total suspended solids (TSS), fats, oils, and greases (FOG), phosphorous, and biological oxygen demand (BOD) are all conditions that we have successfully addressed.

The use of clean-in-place (CIP) systems and chemicals used to sterilize food production equipment can further complicate the wastewater treatment process.  However, JNE Environmental’s formulations have seen it all and can treat it all.

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How We Can Help

BOD & Phosphorous Removal

  • Products designed to remove BOD and phosphorous

Boiler Water Conditioning

  • Capital asset protection, increased energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance

Capital Asset Protection

  • Reduce corrosion and algae problems to ensure long equipment life

Cooling Tower Treatment

  • Corrosion, algae, and scale reduction prolongs equipment life and reduces downtime

On-Site Management Services

  • Design and operation of wastewater plants on an outsourced basis

pH Correction Systems

  • In-line or stirred tank, continuous or batch, single or multi-stage pH correction

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Water recycling, clarification, and filtration

Biological Treatment

  • Optimize efficiency of existing biological treatment systems to increase treatment capacity

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

  • Environmental FS Series DAF Units represent some of the easiest to operate, lowest total cost of ownership, and most efficient DAF units available

Design-Build Capability

In-house capability for design-build:

  • Flow rates ranging from 10–5,000 gpm (gallons per minute)
  • Civil/structural engineering and construction
  • HVAC design and installation
  • Mechanical/piping engineering and construction
  • Equipment supply
  • Electrical engineering and construction

Wastewater Plant Design-Build

DAF based systems and chemical treatments for wastewater with high blood content:
  • BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • FOG (Fat Oil and Grease)
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • TKN (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen)
  • Phosphorous Removal

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