Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Wastewater Treatment

Medical Marijuana & Cannabis

The care and growth of medical marijuana and cannabis already poses many challenges — difficult wastewater treatment should not be one of them.  JNE Environmental can implement pH correction for irrigation line flushes as well as phosphorous removal and total suspended solids (TSS) removal caused by nutrient additives used in the growing process.  We can provide portable systems that can be installed outside of the plant to minimize the potential for unintended pollination, ensuring the highest quality of genetic and product consistency.

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How We Can Help

Contaminant Removal

  • Products designed to remove phosphorous, biological oxygen demand (BOD), and total suspended solids (TSS)

pH Correction Systems

  • In-line or stirred tank, continuous or batch, single or multi-stage pH correction

Biological Treatment

  • Optimize efficiency of existing biological treatment systems to increase treatment capacity

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Water recycling, clarification, and filtration

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