Containerized pH Neutralization System Saves the Plants and Keeps Costs Down


Containerized pH Neutralization System Saves the Plants and Keeps Costs Down

Containerized pH Neutralization System Saves the Plants and Keeps Costs Down

JNE Environmental designs and manufactures a containerized pH correction system when a horticultural production facility runs out of space.

Ontario represents 71% of Canada’s greenhouse vegetable production.  This equates to over 600 metric tonnes and $820,000,000 in farm gate value.  So, it’s no wonder that among all other factors that affect the growth of these plants, pH is very important. In fact, it is one of the biggest issues that most growers face in the grow room.  Growers are required to diligently control the pH levels of their medium to avoid serious pH imbalances.  Imbalances in pH can lead to nutrient lock-outs, which means the pH imbalance is interfering with the plants ability to uptake nutrients.  This affects crop yield and is a serious issue for business owners and consumers.

JNE Environmental was contacted by a grower in Ontario experiencing major issues with the facility’s wastewater stream pH.  The nature of their production lead to low pH discharge water to the City’s sanitary sewer system resulting in several fines.  The Company was facing future letters of non-compliance. They tried various methods to control the pH of the wastewater; however, in the absence of a suitable pH control system they were unsuccessful and simply pouring money down the drain with their attempts.  They reached out to JNE Environmental for help.

JNE Environmental surveyed the facility systems including production rooms, drainage circuits and sewer discharge points.  It was discovered that a pH control system could not be located inside the building due to low flow in the drainage lines.  To remedy this problem, JNE Environmental recommended an external containerized pH control system.  Our automated pH neutralization system is housed in a 40’ shipping container, fully insulated with aluminum exterior and solid stainless steel floor with containment.  Complete with an automated pH controller, dosing pumps and 600-gallon reaction tank, wastewater will be pumped from the sump pit into the pH correction unit, neutralized to acceptable pH levels then discharged to the City sanitary sewer. The design also allows sufficient room for future upgrades to deal with nutrient removal technologies, should these levels exceed the city by-law limits.  The design, engineering and construction plans were done by JNE Environmental and presented to the Company’s leadership team.

JNE Environmental was awarded a purchase order for our recommended solution and construction of the unit has commenced.  The JNE pH neutralization system will allow the Company to focus on feeding their plants for a better yield and prevent thousands of dollars of costs incurred as a result of low pH leaving the facility.  Stay tuned for project completion.

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