Advanced Solutions for Pharmaceutical Wastewater


Pharmaceutical wastewater often contains contaminants not found in other industrial wastewaters, with the potential to endanger flora and fauna if released into the environment.  Chemicals like estrogen, and new, emerging antibiotics are often difficult to treat with conventional wastewater treatment systems.

JNE Environmental has developed liquid phase oxidation technology that combusts these chemicals to carbon dioxide and water at room temperature, effectively treating the wastewater regardless of how unique the contaminant may be.  Contact us today to learn more.

How We Can Help

BOD/COD Water Treatment

  • Advanced oxidation processes for removal of complex compounds
  • Breakdown organic matter and assist bacterial decomposition quicker

Lower Water Expenses

  • Reduced influent and effluent fees through recycling strategies

Solvents Recovery & Re-Use

  • Cost savings through recovery of solvents

Turn-Key Plants

  • Water management plant design, construction, and start-up


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