Reduce Costs & Optimize Processes for Heavy Metal Removal & Wastewater Treatment

Plating and Coating

Products for Cost Reduction and Process Optimization

The presence of aluminum in plating and coating processes can cause some coagulated wastewater to float, resulting in poor clarifier performance.  Benefit from JNE Environmental’s experience with proper floc ballasting and special blends of polymers to optimize clarifier performance while also maximizing the sludge dewatering process.  Proper clarifier sizing can minimize the overall required footprint while still achieving low cost per litre treated and excellent sludge dewatering.

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How We Can Help

Boiler Water Conditioning

  • Capital asset protection, increased energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance.

Complete Systems & Chemicals

  • Chromium six reduction and cyanide destruction.

Cooling Tower Treatment

  • Corrosion, algae, and scale reduction prolongs equipment life and reduces downtime.

De-Foaming Products

  • Foam reduces process efficiency.
  • Anti-foaming products improve operating capacity and discharge water quality.

Heavy Metals Removal

  • Engineered products and tailored formulations for the removal of heavy metals, such as cadmium, arsenic, chromium, copper, and tin.

Sludge Disposal Cost

  • Combining the right mix of coagulants and polymers can reduce solids disposal costs and maximize water effluent quality.

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