Steel Industry Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Dewatering Systems


Wastewater treatment in a fully integrated steel plant poses many challenges, including:

  • coke oven gas trains
  • hot mill scale pit settling tank design
  • pickle line acidic rinse
  • cold mill oily emulsion
  • galvanizing line cleaners

The presence of ammonia and phosphorous in wastewater has become an emerging issue with the introduction of newer high strength and dual phase steels as well as the use of nickel flash removal systems.

JNE Environmental’s extensive experience in the steel industry can be leveraged to achieve excellent removal results with a minimal footprint.  The removal of total suspended solids (TSS), oil, and zinc are all possible with our wastewater treatment products and equipment.

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How We Can Help

Boiler Water Conditioning

  • Capital asset protection, increased energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance

Cooling Tower Treatment

  • Corrosion, algae, and scale reduction prolongs equipment life and reduces downtime

Oily Water Separation

  • Emulsion breaking via coagulants, polymers, and Dissolved Air Flotation for cleaning discharge water without sludge accumulation

Sludge De-Watering Efficiency

  • Reduced disposal costs due to less sludge production — optimization can be achieved through the right balance of coagulants and polymers

Wastewater Plant Design-Build

DAF or clarifier based systems and wastewater treatment chemicals for:

  • Heavy metal removal (copper, lead, zinc, arsenic, iron, cadmium, chromium, tin)
  • pH correction
  • BOD (biological oxygen demand)
  • FOG (fats, oils, and greases)
  • TSS (total suspended solids)
  • TKN (total kjeldahl nitrogen)
  • Phosphorous removal

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