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Process Troubleshooting

If your existing system is not performing the way that it was originally intended to or if the operating conditions have changed, JNE Environmental’s process experts can help get it back on track.  Our years of experience and expertise in wastewater allows us to quickly and cost-effectively troubleshoot and optimize most existing systems.  From the simplest pH control problems and controller tuning to proper equalization tank sizing as well as coagulant dosing and optimal polymer usage, our seasoned experts are adept at solving most wastewater problems and can often improve the performance of your system.

We specialize in wastewater treatment so you don’t have to.  Our process design expertise enables us to take a multi-faceted approach to wastewater problems, from chemical product effectiveness to equipment sizing and design.

We have helped our customers retrofit their existing equipment to help increase removal efficiency as well as increase flow rate.  We have also helped our clients gain approval for compliance plans if the process changes or fix requires an extended time frame.  Call us today for a free, no obligation site visit.

Compliance Plan / Sewer Bylaw Compliance

Often clients will use our expertise and experience to help them develop a compliance plan.  A compliance plan is a contractual agreement between a city or municipality and the business or sewer user that allows the business time to implement the required corrective action that will ensure compliance with the sewer bylaws.  JNE Environmental has extensive experience assisting clients with obtaining compliance plan approval from the city or municipality.  They key to this success is a proven track record of system performance.

If you would like assistance with the development of your compliance plan, please contact JNE Environmental today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

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